Olafur Haraldsson  |  CEO / Founder

Ólafur, from Iceland, graduated with a BA and MA in Interaction Design at the Kolding school of Design in Denmark. While studying photography at the University of Sydney, he spent a lot of time roaming the back country of Australia and New Zealand where he perfected his passion for timelapse photography. His work and professionalism has landed him a consultancy position for PhD students at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in Boston, and worked at xRez Studios, a prestigious and pioneering imaging studio in Los Angeles.  Haraldsson also works with 3D spacial reconstructions and complex imaging and lighting technology projects. Ólafur is the founder and CEO of Designing Reality.

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agustAgust Freyr Takacs Ingason  |  Chief Strategy Officer

Agust served as Executive Vice President, LazyTown Entertainment in Iceland from 2001-2012. Responsible for international business relations, development, finance, marketing, and general management, he was instrumental in developing and spearheading one of the most highly acclaimed, global children’s television series and franchises in contemporary broadcasting. Having grown the company from a two-person operation in Iceland into a broadcast phenomenon in over 100 countries worldwide, Agust helped guide LazyTown to be award-winning company, including multiple EDDA and BAFTA wins, a PROTOS Award, and numerous Emmy nominations. Agust brings onboard his uniquely prolific, twenty years of experience in entertainment and finance, through his proven sense of vision and strategy. 

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Ingi Bjorn Sigurdsson  |  Business Development

Ingi, graduated with BA in Political Science and MA in Applied Economics focusing on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Ingi Björn worked for five years as business development manager for SAGAsystem and was in charge of two subsidiarity of SAGAsystem, Have a Good Drive focusing on solution for pay as you drive and SAGAtraffic focusing on traffic ITS (Intelligent transport systems). Ingi Björn has also been working as consultant for product and business development for numbers of companies over the last decade. Ingi Björn has been working with Designing Reality since September 2012.

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